Welcome to ForzaTuner.com

ForzaTuner.com was created to help new and old players within Forza tune their vehicles quickly and easily. Using a number of fine calculations we take the data you input, and work out the ideal tune based on a number of factors such as Weight, Front Percentage, Springs, Class, Horsepower etc. 

Unlike other tuning calculators who use fixed data, we are different, after all each vehicle has it's own unique dynamics.

“Racing is a matter of spirit not strength.” - Janet Guthrie

We may be new in the tuning world, however our players aren't, some of which started playing Forza back on the Xbox 360 on the 3rd May 2005..! As such we have over 14 years experience tuning our vehicles to compete online and offline.

It wasn't easy.. Forza has never really provided data in relation to tuning, and over the years they have slightly modified the base tunes to suit around their PI system, which in itself is a nightmare.  Let's face it, we all know the dreaded 800 and 700 class vehicles that seem to dominate the leaderboards.

That's why tuning is vital, in order to compete both online and offline!

Keeping Things Personal

Our system uses a vast array of data to calculate the perfect tune for your vehicle. We don't use set data, what do we mean by this? It means that every tune, on every vehicle is 100% unique around the upgraded parts "You" have installed on said vehicle. This means that not everyone is going to have the same tune keeping competition still competitive!

“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.” - Mario Andretti

Updates to ForzaTuner.com

Latest Version 2.80

- Fixed No Gear Display Issue
- Implemented Code To Prevent MySQL Issues
- Fixed Bugs Within Sites Background Coding
- Increased Tyre Pressure On Drift Calculations
- Added Toyota Supra 2.0 GT TT 1992
- Added Formula Drift #777 Chevrolet Corvette 2013

Latest Version 2.70

- Added Ferrari Portofino 2018
- Added Porsche 911 Carrera 2 by Gunther Werks 1995
- Fixed Final Drive for Standard Tunes

Version 2.61 - 28th March 2020

It's All About Drifting - This update sorts major issues with our drift calculations.
Thanks for all the feedback, it is highly appreciated.

- Added Toyota 2000GT 1969 (2.61)
- Corrected Final Drive on Drift Tunes (2.61)
- Corrected Gear Balance For Drift Tunes
- Adjusted Camber For Drift Tunes
- Adjusted Toe For Drift Tunes
- Adjusted Caster For Drift Tunes
- Adjusted Bump For Drift Tunes
- Adjusted Differentials For Drift Tunes
- Correct Tyre Pressure For Drift Tunes

Remember when drifting it is best to turn of traction control and switch to manual gearing!

Version 2.51

- Added Napier-Railton 1933

Version 2.50

- Resolved Issue With Last Gear Ratio
- UI Improvements on 'Your Tune' Page
- Added McLaren 2019 Speedtail
- Added A Tuners Guide To Our Website

Version 2.40

- Added RPM Data Input For Gear Calculations

Version 2.31

- Fixed Issue With 3rd Gear Being Wrong
- Fixed Issues With AMG TD M12S Warthog CST 2554

Version 2.3

Improvements and Bug Fixes

- Improved Calculations For Gears
- Improved Final Drive Calculations
- Improved AWD Diff Distribution
- Improved Tyre Pressure Calculations On Race Types
- Fixed Display Errors

Version 2.2

Minor Update (We have provided over 15,000 Free Tunes Since Sep 2019)

- Added New Series 19 Cars
- Bump Calculations Were Wrongly Displaying Rebound Settings. This Has Now Been Resolved.
- Fixed An Issue Which Would Display 'No matching records are found.' On Tune Page.
- Fixed An Issue Which Would Allow Tune Pages To Load Without Data.
- Added Notice To Transmission Information On Tune Page.

Version 2.1

Happy New Year Tuners! Our first update in 2020.

- Added New Series 18 Cars
- Fixed Issues With Diff Calculations Where It Would Show Above 100%
- Fixed Issues With Rally Springs Where It Would Be Above Max Allowed
- Fixed Issues With Anti-Roll Bars Where The Rear Setting Would Be Unbalanced In Heavy Weight Vehicles
- Adjusted Offroad Calculations To Reduce Vibrations (Prevent Rolling)
- Minor Adjustments To Sever To Help Speed Up Calculations

Version 2.01

A Small Update To Fix 2 Cars Without Gear Information.

- Fixed Missing Gears For Ferrari 599XX Evolution (FH4)
- Fixed Missing Gears For Ford GT 2005 (FH4)

Version 2.0

- Added Series 17 Cars To Database
- Corrected Issue With Abarth 595 Springs
- Fixed Issues With Some Cars Showing No Gears
- General Bug Fixes and Database Corrections

Version 1.9

- New Server To Handle Increased Traffic
- Updated Code to PHP 7.3 Standards
- Sorted Issues With Weight and Horsepower Displaying Incorrectly
- Tweaked Spring Heights
- Added Series 16 Cars
- Bug Fixes and Database Upgrade

Version 1.8

- Fixed Tune Selection (Standard, Speed, Acceleration) which resulted in an opposite effect
- Sorted Wrong Brake Balance Calculations
- Sorted Wrong Diff Distribution Calculation
- Minor adjustment to Front and Rear Differential Calculations

Version 1.7

- Added Series 15 Horizon 4 Cars
- Corrected Rear Tyre Calculations Bug
- Included Calculations for Weight Difference Across Each Tyre
- Minor Adjustment to Rebound Calculations for Rally Springs
- Adjusted Stock Gear Ratio Settings

Version 1.6

A major rework into our tuning calculator, based on feedback and suggestions, we'd like to thank everyone who has contacted us and provided excellent feedback, thank you!

- Tyre pressure is now calculated on weight percentages, this is across 3, 4 and 6 tyres.
- Adjusted brake pressure calculations to prevent wheel lockups (Skidding etc)
- Adjusted Bump Calculations
- Adjusted Springs Calculations
- Adjusted Anti-Roll Bars Calculations
- Adjusted Gear Calculations

As always we love feedback, and would welcome any on these new calculations.

Version 1.5

- Added Series 14 Horizon 4 Cars

Version 1.4

- Fixed Broken Motorsports 7 Tune

Version 1.3

- Added Tuning For Horizon 3
- Modified Game Selection
- Added All Forza Motorsports 7 Cars To Database
- Added All Forza Horzion 4 Cars To Database
- Added All Forza Horzion 3 Cars To Database
- Adjusted Tune Calculations For Weather Conditions
- If Car Not In Database Other Option Available

Version 1.2

- Created a Database for each tune
- Tweaked Gear Ratio (On Speed Settings)
- Added An Option To Include Car Make and Model

Version 1.1

- Tweaked Gear Ratio (On Acceleration Settings)
- Added Conversion Data (Imperial and Metric)
- Added Calculation for Springs and Dampers
- Added Calculations for Differential Settings

Version 1.0

- Site Launched

Feedback From Users

“Using this monster RJA for the first time and out of the garage it sucks! Your calculator helped me tame this beast placing me from dead last to 1st place in the current Forthazon Autumn Season Event. Only needed to buy Race Brakes and Transmission to make full use of your tuning. Brilliant work, will be using this a great deal..” - Devilish Accord

“Love it thank you..” - M****T**** (Name masked due to age)

“It simply works..” - Coco

Thank you all..!