Tune Portal Updates

Keeping You Updated...

Tune Portal Updates

Keeping You Updated...

Last Updated: 18th August 2023 @ 20:35 GMT

Update 18/08/2023: 6.4.12



Ability to delete your account and all tunes from within your account section.


Update 18/08/2023: 6.4.1



Latest Award and DLC car packs added.


Update 11/08/2023: 6.3.1



Over 2020 cars have been added to our database, including a vast update for FH5.

Deleted Unused Accounts

Anyone who signed up but did not login or use their account have been removed from the Database for security reasons.


Update 20/06/2023: 6.2.1



Update to FH5 Car List to Include Latest Cars Within the Donut Media Upgrade Heroes Season.


Update 12/06/2023: 6.2


Health Issues Ongoing

Whilst my health is still affecting updates, I'm still working on the next version of the tuner to fall in line with the new release of Forza Motorsports coming in October.

Today I've updated the tuner with the latest cars in FH5, however did you know that whilst waiting on the Database list to be updated, you can simply select Other from the tuner menu, and you can still continue to tune the latest cars without waiting on me to add the official list?

I again apologise for the delay in getting these cars into the tuner officially, however I do my upmost to keep the database updated whilst my health is still playing up.

Heres hoping things improve in the coming months.

Kindest Regards,


Update 17/03/2023: 6.1.17022302017.1430


Health Issues

Over the last few months my health has been getting worse, and as such I was unable to update the site and or answer questions. I apologise about this.

Today I have updated the database with all the cars added since my previous update in August last year. I understand that a few users have sent really nasty emails, demanding that the database be updated etc as soon as cars are released.

Trust me, if I was healthy enough, this would have been done, as had been the case for the previous three years. What I would like these people to understand is ForzaTuner is FREE, I don't request anyone pay for using the site, nor storing their tunes within, I could understand the anger if I were charging for this service, however this simply isn't the case, and any modifications and or updates are done throughout periods where I'm not suffering from paralysing pain in my arms, legs, and lower back.

My health will always come first, I hope most of you will understand this.

I had been debating with myself if to continue ForzaTuner, and I'll be honest with you all, I was meer seconds away from closing the site down. The abuse I've received has been unreal. Then just one email changed my mind..! A young player like my son (3 years ago) was struggling and their parent sent an email thanking me for allowing them to play the game they love, being able to tune, and get into modifying their car to their liking... I thought instantly "Amazing"..!

So for all the haters, I don't force you to use the site, nor do I make promises to you..! The site is free to use and if you don't like the site, or you don't like the tunes provided and can make them better yourself then I'm happy for you. But not once have I ever said that you aren't free to use any one of the other tuners available. I honestly don't mind.

However if you are like the example above, and find using ForzaTuner has helped you and you can enjoy the games more than before, then that's all tha matters to me. I can't type some of the comments received from those who have sent thanks to me (some are too rude..), but you'll know who you are, and all I will say is thanks for cheering me up.. they really did make me laugh.

So What's Next?

My plan is still to update the site for Forza Motorsports when it is released, but please note that this may take me longer than previously planed due to my current health conditions. I will however release a notice here with a time-line nearing the release date.

I also plan on adding new features to the tuner, these have been requested for sometime, and some of which I have wanted to add since the site launched.

Once again, if I have failed to respond to anyone who has sent feedback or required help over the last few months I am sorry. However I hope you now understand the reasons for this. Anyone who has requested their account be deleted, I have done this for you, I am sorry to see you go, but hopefully I shall see you again when you see the new additions that my Son and I have been slowly working on added to the portal.

Kindest Regards,


Update 18/08/2022: 6.0.1808228018.1420


1. Series 11 Cars Added
Added Forza Horizon 5 Cars


Update 31/07/2022: 6.0.3107227013.1500


1. Tyre Pressure Adjustments On FH5 Tunes
Increased Grip and Handling Performance

2. Bump Calculations - FH5
Adjusted To Fall Within 60 - 70 % of Rebound Values

3. Final Drive - FH5
Tweaked Calculations To Prevent Out Of Bound Calculations

4. Toe - FH5
Tweaked Calculations To Prevent Toe Being Incorrectly Added When Not Required

5. Gearing - FH5
Adjusted Gearing To Help With Vehicle Launch Performance

6. API Addition
Added Tune Version Number To Generated JSON For Easier Tracking Updates


Update 20/07/2022: 6.0.2007227002.0930


1. Series 10 Cars Added - FH5


Update 19/07/2022: 6.0.1907227091.1100


1. Rear Rebound: Fixed Issue Where Front Rebound Save Being Saved For Both Front and Rear Values In Database.
Thank You mugenjikuu For Reporting This Bug.


Update 17/07/2022: 6.0.1707227071.1315


Portal and API - Recoded and Updated

It was discovered by Devilish Accord that the API and Portal was producing Tunes that had major discrepancies when calculating Spring Values using LBS compared to KG. It took over 3 days, of emailing back and forth and multiple tests by 'Devilsih Accord' (day and night..!) to fix this major coding error.


The fix included a whole sever rebuild, reconfiguration of the Calculator and Algorithms, and a whole new rewrite of the API and Partial Rewrite of the Portal Tune Algorithms to resolve. This was by no means an easy fix, and at times it felt like a losing battle, however we both stuck to our guns, and worked on resolving this for everyone.


I'd like to personally thank 'Devilsih Accord' for his dedication to helping other tuners like himself in the ForzaTuner community and going above and beyond by taking up his own personal time to help fix this major coding error for everyone who uses ForzaTuner.


ForzaTuner was built by the community for the community and this is just one example of a user, who didn't have to do what he has done these last few days, to help better ForzaTuner for everyone moving forwards.


Thank you Delivish Accord, for everything you have done for us all..!



Update 14/07/2022: 6.0.1407227041.14424


1. Advanced Tuner: Fixed A Major Bug Where LB/IN Spring Values Were Incorrect.
Thank You Ihatesigningup For Reporting This Bug.


Update 10/07/2022: 6.0.1007227001.1940


1. Portal Update: Added Two Factor Authentication.
2. Portal Update: Added Ability To Use Your Own Avatar.
3. API Update: Added Ability To Use API To Generate FH5 Tunes.


Update 08/07/2022: 6.0.0807227080.1815


1. Fixed Web Page Error: Portal Was Not Displaying Tune Informaton After You Saved Tune.
Thank You TokinJesus For Reporting This Bug.
2. PSI BAR Update: Tweaked Tyre Pressure Calculations In Forza Horizon 5 Tune For Better Grip On All Tunes.
3. New Addition: On Forza Horizon 5 Tunes, The Final Drive Speed and Final Drive Acceleration Values Will Now Be Saved As Well As Default Final Drive Value.


Update 07/07/2022: 6.0.0707227007.1300


1. Fixed issues with Horizon 5 Springs Calculations Not Adjusting Depending On Track Selection.
2. Fixed issues with Horizon 5 Springs Calculations Not Adjusting Depending On Vehicle Selection.
3. Fixed issues with Horizon 5 Springs Calculations Not Adjusting Depending On Season Selection.


Update 05/07/2022: 6.0.0507227005.1845


1. Fixed an error with Forza Horizon 5 Aero Calculations Being Incorrect For LBF Tunes.
Thank You Zer0Alive For Reporting This Bug.


Update 01/07/2022: 6.0.0107227001.1600


1. Fixed an error with Forza Horizon 5 Differential Calculations.
2. Fixed an error with Forza Horizon 5 Final Drive Calculations.


Update: 30/06/2022 6.0.3006226030.1300


1. Created YouTube Channel For Tutorials On How To Use Our Tune Portal.
2. Added Tutorial Video On How To Tune Within Tune Portal Help Section.
3. Added Bot To Detect Abusive Usernames.


Update: 28/06/2022 6.0.2806226028.2000 - OUR NEW ADVANCED TUNER WAS LAUNCHED


1. Added Our New Advanced Tune Section.
2. Fixed Error Where Springs Were Displayed Incorrectly.
3. Introduced New Forza Horizon 5 Tune Page, Allowing For Quicker Tuning.
4. Improved Algorithms Within Calculator For Forza Horizon 5 Tunes.
5. Added A New Predicted Top Speed Section To Forza Horizon 5 Tunes.
6. Removed Requirement To Type In All Gear Information For Forza Horizon 5 Tunes.
7. Added Track Selection (All Track Data) For Forza Horizon 5 Tunes.
8. Database and Algorithms Can Now Calculate Over 1000 New Values For Track Type, Car Information and Season Data For Forza Horizon 5 Tunes.
9. Reduced Load-Times Across Whole Tune Portal.
10. Updated PHP Coding To Comply With PHP 8.0 Standards.
11. Replaced PHP Sendmail with SMTP To Send All Registration And Password Reset Emails.
12. Reduced The Number Of Adverts Displayed On Pages Across Whole Portal.


Update: 27/06/2022 6.0.2706226027.1430


1. Fix Issue Where Gears Weren't Displayed For Saved Tunes.


Update: 21/06/2022 6.0.2106226021.1815


1. Added New Spring Layout In Tune Page.
2. Finalised New Algorithms For Forza Horizon 5 Calculator.


Update: 18/06/2022 6.0.1806226018.2000


1. Added New Drag Options For Long Or Short Drag Tunes.
2. Fixed Error Where Tuning Was Using Wrong Values For Rally Springs.
3. Fixed Error With Aero Calculations Showing An Error When Creating Tune.
4. Change Portal Layout To Allow Game Images To Be Click On To Start A Tune.
5. Fixed Typo On Tune Page For Aero Input Values.
6. Change Login Screen To Dark Layout.
7. Removed Code And Text From Portal Which Was Used During Of Tune Portal.
8. Removed Pre-Release Beta Testers Options From User Account Page Which Was Left In Error.


Update: 19/06/2022 6.0.1906226019.0609


1. Added Season 9 Vehicle To Forza Horizon 5 Tune Selection.
2. Added New Hot Wheels Vehicles To Forza Horizon 5 Tune Selection.
3. Fixed Error With Aero Calculations Showing An Error When Creating Tune.
4. Change Portal Layout To Allow Game Images To Be Clicked On To Start A Tune.
5. Fixed Typo On Tune Page For Aero Input Values.
6. Change Login Screen To Dark Layout.
7. Removed Code And Text From Portal Which Was Used During Development Of Tune Portal.
8. Removed Pre-Release Beta Testers Options From User Account Page Which Was Left In Error.


Update: 18/06/2022 6.0.1806226018.1530 - OUR NEW FORZATUNER PORTAL WAS LAUNCHED


1. Released Our New Tune Portal Officially.
2. Brand New Website Created.
3. Retired Our Old Version 4 Tuner.
4. Started Coding For New Forza Horizon 5 Algorithms.


Update: 01/05/2022 6.0.0105225001.1530 - EARLY ACCESS ALLOWED FOR NEW FORZATUNER PORTAL


1. Opened Up Early Access To New Tune Portal For User Wishing To Help With Beta Development.


Update: 04/11/2021 5.0.0 - Version 5 Released


1. Launched Version 5.
2. First Forza Tune Calculator To Offer Tuning For Forza Horizon 5 - On Day 1 Of Game Being Released.
3. Added All Forza Horizon 5 Vehicles To Our Tune Database.
4. Updated Algorithms For All Forza Horizon 5 Requirements.
5. Started Using A Neural Network To Work Out The Differences The Physics Of Forza Horizon 5 and Previous Games.
6. Officially Reached 1,387,203 Tunes Recorded In Tune Database.
7. Using Saved Tune Data, Discovered More Than 15,000 Different Users At Some Point Had Used ForzaTuner, With More Than 8,000 returning More Than 100 Times To Create Tunes.


Update: 01/06/2020 4.0.0 - Version 4 Released


1. Launched Version 4.
2. Redesigned Website.
3. Added Forza Horizon 2 Algorithms.
4. Added Forza Motorsport 6 Algorithms.
5. Added Forza Motorsport 7 Algorithms.
6. New Feature To Allow Old Tunes To Be Retrieved By Users.


Update: 01/02/2020 3.0.0 - Version 3 Released


1. Launched Version 3.
2. Improved Forza Horizon 4 Algorithms.
3. Added Forza Horizon 3 Algorithms.
4. Over 300,000 Tunes Within Database.


Update: 01/11/2019 2.0.0 - Version 2 Released


1. Launched Version 2.
2. Improved Forza Horizon 4 Algorithms.
3. Over 20,000 Tunes Within Database.


Update: 15/09/2019 - Foundation For ForzaTuner.com


1. Discovered ForzaTuner.com was Listed In Google By Accident.
2. Discovered Over 1,000 Tunes Were In Database By Users All Around The World.


Launced: 08/09/2019 1.0.0 - Version 1 Created


1. Uploaded A Tuner For Personal Usage Only.


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