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3 Years In The Making

First released in September 2019, ForzaTuner was a simple calculator designed to help FreshGALNET and his son create tunes within Forza Horizon 4. A one page layout, with no explanation it was never intended for anyone other than FreshGALNET or his son to use.

Within a week the site was listed within Google (this was by accident), and the number of visitors started to increase, within a day, the database had nearly 1000 tunes, and the numbers kept rising hourly. ForzaTuner had became established as a goto for quick tuning. A remake on the original tuner was done, and a feedback page added, and the feedback started to pour in. This vital feedback became the foundation which ForzaTuner is built on today.

It has taken a few years, and endless nights of losing sleep, but ForzaTuner now has 20182 users, and over 2,349,000 tunes within our database.

Today we are proud to launch our Tuning Portal, welcome to


Our new website is released.

Bringing a whole array of new features to our users..!

Community Built

Designed around our users feedback, we've built our new website and portal with everything and more that's been requested.

Instant Results

Signup, login and start tuning. Our new portal is designed to work on any device with web browsing abilities.

Support Available

Get stuck, have an issue or tuner bugging out? If so let us know, and we will work to resolve the issues.

Make your own tunes

ForzaTuner provides a solid "ready to drive" tune, but it also provides you with a building block into fine tuning and tweaking. With ForzaTuner you can mess around with your tune, try different things safe in the knowledge that if you mess up, you can always revert back to where you started.

Why ForzaTuner...?

Have you ever downloaded a tune in-game, tried it out and wished you could change the gearing, or maybe change the spring rates, only to find out that you can't?

It doesn't have to be that way..!

Within our portal users can add their in-game share-code, provide an overview of the parts added, which then allows others to tryout their tune, see how it was created, and if required tweak the tune to their own liking, and then repeat the cycle for others.

It's true, sharing is caring.. but it also builds a community of tuners, who can learn from each other, and share their tips and tricks. ForzaTuner was built by the community for the community.

Start your tuning journey today.

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