Amazing Features


Tyre Pressure

Giving you the ideal grip required for cornering or drifting

Transmission and Gears

Providing the optimal settings for final drive and each gear

Camber, Toe and Caster

Fine calculations are made to each for the ideal driving experience

Springs, Height & Downforce

Providing the optimal settings required for the given terrian.


Preventing lockups and skidding by balancing your brakes


Providing the right drive across all wheels whilst cornering

Always Improving..!

We listen to all feedback provided, and we work constantly to improve our forza calculator. All calculations provided are truly unique to each individual parts added or removed to your vehicle in game, and we constantly work on making sure these differences are coded into our calculator. Every month we do updates to our calculator these include:

  • Adding the latest cars
  • Updating our coding and fixing bugs
  • Tweak our calculator based on feedback
  • Do security updates on our servers


Not only do we work hard to keep our tuner up to date, we also offer our calculator for free. We listen to all feedback provided, and will where required update our calculator instantly to reflect this. was made by the players for the players!

Forza Tune Calculator

100% Free Forza Tuner

We will never ask you to pay for using our Forza Calculator, and any updates we do to our calculator are done for you the players. Forza Tuner was created by FreshGALNET as a professional tune calculator, to be used by any Forza player. Our believes are that we continue with FreshGALNETS original foundations and continue to offer our calculator for FREE.

Coding For The Future

Our developers are working on new features coming soon!

Save Your Tunes

We are working on adding a members area, which is almost completed and will be released soon. This includes a whole new overlay and features!

Share Your Tunes

Along with the members area, we are working on allowing you to share your tunes with others, including the parts you added to the vehicle and then the calculations for your tune

Forza +

We are working on adding the future version of Forza Motorsport to our calculator and we are proud to announce that this future game will be supported by


An Overview of Forza Tuner Version 5.0

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