Introducing Forza Horizon 5

1st Tuner For Forza Horizon 5..!

We've Been Listening..!

Since launching we have always provided our users with an ability to provide feedback on every tune created by our calculator. In doing so we have built our foundations on what our users require the most from their tunes.

This vital feedback has allowed us to constantly work on tweaks and modifications to our tuner, and in doing so allowed us to provide the best handling computer based tunes available.

We know from feedback that we've had gearing issues for sometime, and it was our mission to go back to the drawing board, and come up with a new solution to rectify this.

Welcome to Version 5.0..!

ForzaTuner Version 5.0 introduced Forza Horizon 5 calculations to our tuner. We are working on a whole new website which will hopefully be released shortly * Fingers Crossed..!

Forza Calculator allows you to enter even the most finest of modifications you've made to your vehicle including tyre diameters along with rim sizes. We now ask for the tyre compound and braking system installed, all of which helps us work out the best tune for your vehicle.

So much so, our new calculator can now workout the amount of power and force required to get your vehicle moving!

Forza Tune Calculator

What does all this mean..?

It means that can now calculate each and every aspect of your vehicles upgrades, and from this provide you with a tune which has been calculated across all these aspects.

Your New Tune Will:

  • Provide Better Handing.!
  • Provide Better Acceleration.!
  • Provide Better Gear Changes.!
  • Provide Better Top End Speed.!

..and more besides.!

V5.0 Our Best Tuner Yet

We hope you like the changes.

Tyre Pressure

Giving you the ideal grip required for cornering or drifting

Transmission and Gears

Providing the optimal settings for final drive and each gear

Camber, Toe and Caster

Fine calculations are made to each for the ideal driving experience

Springs, Height & Downforce

Providing the optimal settings required for the given terrian.


Preventing lockups and skidding by balancing your brakes


Providing the right drive across all wheels whilst cornering

Change Log:

Added Series 7 Cars - FH5

Version 5.2.2 - 4th March 2022(GMT)
Added Series 5 Cars - FH5
Final Coding In Place For Version 6.0.1 (Coming real soon..!)
Version 5.2.1 - 4th Feb 2022 14:00(GMT)
Added Series 4 Cars - FH5
Fixed issue with Rally / Offroad Springs within FH5

Version 5.1.2 - 23rd Dec 22:00(GMT)
Added New Cars To Tuner For Season 2
Adjusted Tuner To List Cars In Year Of Manufacture

Version 5.0.5 - 23rd November 22:00(GMT)
Major Update To Tuner (Across All Games)
Added the ability to tweak your tune
Added the ability to adjust the stiffness on any tune
Added the ability to adjust oversteer or understeer on any tune

Version 5.0.5 - 20th November 18:00(GMT)
Modified Drift Tunes To Be More Inline With Previous FH4 Calculations (On FH5 Drift Calculations) (Thanks slider86B For Brining This To Our Attention)
Modified Tune Page to Make Inputing Data Easier (Less Back and Forth Between Pages in Forza) (Thanks Orchestruct For Brining This To Our Attention
Version 5.0.4 - 18th November 15:00(GMT)
Fixed an Issue With Old Top Speed Being Incorrectly Displayed on Tune Page (Thanks Gaute Eriksrød For Brining This To Our Attention)
New Algorithms Added For Final Drive and Gear Ratios Calculations
Fixed Camber and Caster Calculations Being Wrongfully Calculated (Forza Horizon 5)

Version 5.0.3 - 14th November 15:50(GMT)
Fixed and Error With Tyres Displaying Wrong Type In Final Tune
Adjusted PSI/BAR On Tyres In Line With Forza Horizon 5 (IRL Calculations)
Fixed Minor Coding Issue Resulting In Failed Calculations
Added 'Tune Again?' To Allow Quicker Access To Calcuator from Results Page

Version 5.0.2 - 12th November 20:00(GMT)
Complete Rewrite On Tuner
Seperated Calculations Based on Forza Horizon 5 (New Tuner Added In Background)
Tweaked Final Drive on Forza Horizon 4 Error (Out of Bounds Fixed)
Tweaked Tires/Tyre Pressure On Forza Horizon 5 (More Real Life)
Tweaked Differentials Forza Horizon 5
Tweaked Castor Settings On All Cars Across Forza Horizon 5
Tweaked Anti-Roll Bar Settings On All Cars Across Forza Horizon 5
Tweaked Camber Settings On All Cars Across Forza Horizon 5
Added Differential Type To Calculator Tune Page Forza Horizon 5

Version 5.0.1 - 12th November 16:00(GMT)
Added Missing Forza Horizon 5 Cars To List Available
Adjusted Final Drive On Some Forza Horizon 5 Cars
Adjusted Rebound and Bump Calculations on Some Forza Horizon 5 Cars
Tweaked Calculator For Drift Tunes on Forza Horizon 5

Version 5.0.0 - 5th November 2021 12:01(GMT)
Added Forza Horzion 5 Capabilities *Beta Tuner
Included All Current Cars Within Forza Horizon 5

Due to Forza Horizon 5 being released today, our tuner is currently in Beta Testing and as such some tunes may be incorrect.
We will work on fixing issues within future updates.

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